Mobile Repair Services: Emergency for Your Smartphone!
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I think almost every reader of this article ever once in their life had a feeling of uncontrollable shock. When the phone accidently slide out from your hand. And like in a slow motion video, only with one “Nooooo!” you are trying to catch it. This moment lasts less than a second. But your heart has already stopped beating. You are holding your breath. And praying only for one thing: “If only my phone survive!”

If you are lucky enough it will. But what if this time it is really crashed? Would all your life that was on one device end? – No. Take a breath. There is a wide range of repair services in this day and age. And they are ready to save your phone.

Today it is not unique to crack a screen, damage a device or even drop it into a water. I think six out of my ten friends had to repair their smartphones during the last year. And it does not mean you or they were careless or unconcerned. Every day the repair services in average get about 15 to 20 orders of mobile phones with a broad spectrum of disorder, such as a drained battery, water damage or cracked screen. Prof. Gregory Hamilton, the US economist, claims that nearly 25% of all smartphone users has cracked their screens.

These internet-enabled gadgets with a variety of numerous features and apps represent more than two-third of all mobile phone sales. According to Statista research, the number of smartphones’ users around the world surpassed 2 billion in 2016. It means almost every third person in the world uses a smartphone. Although I am sticking to the opinion that it is easier to find the person with a smartphone than without. And as it stated in the graph, we can assume that till 2020 this task will be even harder.

The popularity of expensive but fragile smart devices has not only increased the demand for smartphones but also has given a significant boost to the mobile repair industry. In most of the cases of phone damage, people do not have any insurance for their devices. Even with the falling prices, new technology is never cheap. The price range to buy a new device is considerably high. Therefore, mobile repair service is the best option how in a short term bring the phone back to life.

So what do we know about mobile repair services where customers bringing their devices? The one thing for sure! So much like the cracks in our screens, the business is still growing and improving. Until there is a trend that “smartphone is more likely to be repaired than replaced” and repair services will be in a high demand. But it does not mean that every day there will be a long queue of customers in front of their doors waiting for the open hours. As a customer, you have a wide spectrum of services in different repair centers. But for repair services, it means high competition as well. And to be on your top of the list of choices they are really trying their best.

People are precious of their smartphones because it is their map, wallet, and means of communication. So as customers first thing we care the most is a quality. It is essential to know that high-level professionals will work on your phone. And they would not make the situation even worth. But will bring it back to life. It leads to the second consequence – guaranty. Customers would be preferable to the services where you can get a guaranty. Guaranty that your phone will be repaired and after repair, it would work. People need to know that the service was not worthless. The third thing can influence on our choice is a variable that “always was, is and always will be”. I mean price. There is no need to tell that we are always looking for a balanced price versus quality. But of course, it would be nice to economize some money as well.

You can choose the service that proposes more affordable price but only if you can rely on them. And here we are coming to the next obstacle – trustworthy. It is not so easy to check if the new parts inside your device is a good quality one. Sometimes you can only trust professionals you choose. And what about the timing? When you left your phone which 24 hours/ 7 days a week with you, you want to get it as fast as it possible. So you would probably check the time that is required to repair smartphone.

Wow! It is looking like a really long list of the things customers would consider to choose repair service. At least I would do. Of course for some customer quality is more important, for other pricing or timing. That is why everyone can find his best option to repair smartphone.

When we are talking about our local variety of repair services, we can admit there are a lot of them. And competition here is really tough. Singaporean repair services mainly represented as a storefront phone repair business that is located in a mall, plaza, warehouse or more commonly street facing. And there are several options that offer repair by pick-up or mail in services. But both of these businesses are represented as professionally as possible including website, marketing content, and repair quotes.

Staying up-to-date with repairing the latest and greatest technology local businesses represent a high level of repair services. And moving together with IT progress now Singapore also can propose a world’s trend of 2017. This new word in the repair service industry is a repair management software Repair8pp.

What it exactly means? And why it is such a “bomb” in the mobile repair industry in Singapore? Basically, this software is a system that replaces the insecure sticky notes on your phone that indicates it is pending repair. And as a customer now you can track the progress of the maintenance process.

But what is more remarkable, repair management software is a “must-have” for the repair services. Technically it is a system that digitizes recording and tracking order’s information properly. It allows services to monitor and transact business processes easily. And reporting system gives an opportunity to stay focused on customers’ needs and to make wiser decisions. Consequently, this software enables repair services to make their operations more productive, the information clear and transparent and the work more efficient.

Staying ahead of the curve for repair services means knowing what your customers want and what your business needs. Personally, I already used to track shopping order or sent mail online. And if there would be a choice for me to get only a note that my phone is repairing or to track it by myself. The choice is obvious! Repair service that is enabled with a management software. Nevertheless, I wish to every fortuneless owner with a broken device to find the repair service that will help your phone to rise like a phoenix!

If you want to get a better overview of first launched repair management software in Singapore, follow the link